SPB 617 – 160pcs Nova Baby paper stick cotton swabs in PP box.

Information Product

– By advanced technology, products are improved with the sticky made of paper. Helping products with appropriate when used will feeling soft, safe and very friendly environment.

– 100% pure natural cotton, sterilized by automatic high temperature.

– Produced on the world’s leading line (imported) from Switzerland.

– Products are designed with Anti-Counterfeiting stamp.

Safety Friendly Design

1.Cotton tip soft and safe,  diameter: 3.9 ± 0.1 mm

2.The distance between cotton tip and cotton sticks: 1 ± 0.5mm

3.Safety length enough cotton ensure to touch with inner surface of the ear: 13 ± 1mm



– Personal hygiene (ears, nose, eyes, wounds …)

– Makeup support.

– Take care of baby’s skin ….

– Clean machine parts, electronic circuits, fine details.


– Keep out of children reach (Not let children against themselves)

– Do not put the product too deep.


– Preserved in a cool dry place

– Avoid direct contact with the fire.



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